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Michael Crouch

Where our Sheppard instincts started, how our history has build up, and where we look to for advice. We enjoy the stories he tells the grand kids and great grandkids and earnestly try to keep up in a game of marbles. More artifacts will be added as we talk with Grandpa Mick and go through it.

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A Learning Opportunity

Just like we hope our kids learn, grow, and get better, Cassie has actually extended this opportunity to high school students interested in Animal Science, Media Creation, Veterinarian Science, and Business Management. Students listed have had a unique part in our story and influenced how our sheep program has grown. 

Alex Ruwe-Sparks  2011-2015
Animal Prep, State FFA Degree,
           Show management, 4-H

Reed Jostes 2014-2018
        Animal Prep, Show Management
Abigail Hurst  2019-2023
        Social Media Assistant,
           State FFA Degree,

Crouch Dorset in Print Ad

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