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HogFathers Secret


A Livestock Product line that is available in Central Illinois at Crouch Dorsets.

A Product that we were first exposed to at the Georgia Southeastern Conference Swine Show. We first started using it on our show pigs. We enjoyed the improved skin condition, hair quality, and controlled irritations. The pigs' skin and hair coat looked brighter, healthier, and shinier.  We were hooked those first two years but had trouble finding a dealer in Illinois. So we reached out to the Carey Family and Taylor decided she needed to be a dealer. From that point on Taylor took the reins and has been selling with the help of the family for 2 years.

While working at a state fair a year ago, we started using the product on our sheep legs. Interested in the effects, we have now applied it to lambs who need extra wool pop on the legs, and wool growth on the shag. We have seen improvement in wool quality, and wool length and have started using it pre-show to get the full potential. 

Cattle - we fully believe that with the success of our swine and sheep, we believe there to be benefits in hair growth in this species as well. Healthier hair, stronger follicles, and cleaner skin that allows for extra hair growth. All of that is a no-brainer to start trying HogFathers Secret. 

Our observations

"You do not realize the impact of the HogFathers product, for the first couple applications. However, we have a pretty good schedule that we start    2 -4 weeks ahead of a major show. Dad can really appreciate the difference when we get to the shows!  He can feel the difference"

Morgan Crouch, Dorset & Oxford Breeder

Our Swine Project

"While we wash our pigs every day, we rarely have dry patchy skin when we are using the HogFathers line. We have had to use the Soap product for sensitive pigs, black pigs get the oil reguraly to get our jet black color, and our white pigs rarely go a day with out the condition product. All in All we LOVE our HogFathers and will not be going back to anything else."

Taylor Crouch - 6 year swine exhibitor 

Purchase power

Contacts us to see what Shows and Sales we will have our product at. 

Single Bottle Purchases or Bulk Orders

Purchases in multiples receive a value-added piece

Unique Show Specials available in person

Product pick up at the Farm, buyer pays shipping costs, Venmo Available

Single Bottle (Conditioner, Oil, Soap)   $18
Set of three bottles & Spray Head        $54
Set of six bottles & Spray Head          $100
Set of 12 bottles & 2 Spray Heads      $200
Single Spray Head                                  $4

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