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Our Story....

Growing up in Central Illinois, we knew the value of being raised to appreciate hard work, dedication, and drive. Instilled with those values, we strive to ensure that our own kids' lives are filled with love, learning, and sheep. 

As our kids have grown up, we have valued the friendships gained during our project. Those are the real assets we have been fortunate enough to enjoy. 

Jeremy is currently managing farms around Illinois. 

Cassie is teaching Ag at Maroa Forsyth HS.

Taylor, Morgan, and  Delaney are all active in 4-H, FFA, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball all while managing and showing the Crouch Flock and expanding to Swine showing.

Raising kids means helping them to find a passion that requires drive and determination. Building a program around our kids gives us a higher purpose. 

Cody works at Martin Equipment

Katy is employed through State Farm

Bayla, Shyla, and Charley are all active in 4-H, FFA, Softball, and Wrestling all while managing and showing the Crouch Flock and are expanding to cattle.


Our Flock history starts in 1972 with 4 Registered Dorset Ewes and 1 Ram, purchased from Ray Hageman. At the time, he was starting his FFA project at Elmwood High School. Dennis has sheared sheep full-time with his Dad, Michael Crouch, traveling the country.

Raising their kids in the sheep barn, Jeremy, Cody, and Jessica all have remained active in agriculture

throughout the years. 

Joy and Dennis recently celebrated their 44th anniversary at the ALL American Junior Sheep Show in Mass.

Dennis is our full-time Senior Sheppard, after retiring from John Deere.  

Joy works for Compeer Financial in Morton

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