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The sheep in these images have a special place at Crouch Dorsets. Some are born and bred and some are found from other great flocks. We appreciate the lessons learned from each lamb. 

2023 Illinois State Fair
    Premier Exhibitor

Heading into the Illinois State Fair your know breeders from around the state will show up with their best flocks. We were humbled to receive the Premier Exhibitor at this year's State Fair. We work hard year-round and this honor makes long hours, hard decisions, and dedication to our flock a little easier on heart and head. We appreciate the congratulations and we're proud to watch Crouch Dorsets take on each class with style and pride. Congratulations to our buyers who had a great day! 

North American International Livestock Expo

Easily one of the best road trips every year. The friends, the shopping, and the high level of competition! 

*** Delaney WINS her Showmanship Class - even after an interesting ring experience!

Taylor - North Central Region - Futurity Ewe Lamb Winner

Morgan & "Jorgie" - Bred & Owned Futurity National Finish

Delaney & "Agnes" - RESERVE National Bred & Owned Futurity National Finish 

Taylor &"Margo" 4th overall Bred & Owned Futurity National Finish

Taylor & "Sangria" 2nd Place National Slick Ewe Lamb

Delaney & "Wednesday" 3rd Place National Dorset Advantage Ewe Lamb 

Taylor & "Edith" 1st Early Fall

Bayla & "Beth" 2nd Late Fall

Morgan & "RaeLynn" Wins the March Ewe Lamb - Oxford class

Morgan & "EmmyLou" 2nd Fall Oxford Yearling &

National Yearling Futurity of 2023 

Illinois State Fair

State Fair Always makes for a long 12 days but these are the days we will remember! Long days taking care of animals in 4 different barns and late nights with friends throughout those barns allow our kids to experience the best of the livestock industry! No matter if it's an Open show or Junior we encourage the competitive edge that Crouch Dorests brings to the ring! 

** Bayla - Scholarship winner in the Superior Young Producers Contest**

** Morgan - Skillathon 4th overall - 1st Sheep, 5th in Beef, and 10th Pigs**

** Taylor & Delaney both Advanced in heats for Swine Showmanship**

Junior Dorsets Results: 

1st 2nd 3rd 5th Early Fall Ewe Lambs

3rd 8th Late Fall Ewe Lambs

2nd Yearling Ewe

3rd Slick Winter Ewe Lamb

***Champion Dorset Ewe ****

     Ariana Ross - Crouch

        (Bought at Ohio)

County 4-H Shows

No Matter the county - these kids go to compete!

We enjoy working hard all day and having fun with friends in both counties makes the work easier and wins a little sweeter. !

Dewitt Macon Piatt 
Woodford County

Dewitt Macon Piatt County    

     Supreme Breeding Ewe - Taylor & "Edith"

     Reserve Supreme Breeding Ewe - Morgan & "EmmyLou"  

     Supreme Market Ewe - Taylor & "Sangria"

     Champion Crossbred - Delaney "Wednesday" 

     MasterShowmanship Junior - Morgan overall, Champion Sheep and Pig Showman

     2nd (Duroc)and 3rd (York) overall Gilts - Taylor and Morgan 

     Chester Champion and Reserve Gilt - Delaney Crouch

     Champion Pair of Gilts - Delaney Crouch with the Chesters


 Woodford County 

     Supreme Breeding Ewe & Supreme Sheep - Bayla & "Beth" Gelbach Farms 

     Champion Sheep Showman - Bayla

     Bayla Won Skillathon and was Reserve MasterShowman

     Champion Commercial Ram - Shyla & "PlanB"

     Champion AOB Ewe - Shyla

     Shyla was 5th in Skillathon

     Champion Woodford County Bred/Owned & Champion Steer - Bayla & Angus Steer

     Champion Senior Cattle Showman - Bayla

     Woodford County Born/Raised Reserve Heifer & 3rd overall with the Hereford Heifer 

All American Junior Show

Wisconsin 2023

the kids work hard to hit this show with a positive attitude, drive, determination, and a powerful set of sheep both homegrown and selected from flocks around the country. Wisconsin was a great time to spend time with friends and family, coordinate a little lamb camp activities for the young participants, and enjoy time in the barn with friends from coast to coast!

Dorset Highlights: 

    1st Early Fall Ewe Lambs 

    3rd 4th Late Fall Ewe lambs

    2nd Yearling Ewe

    4th Slick Winter Ewe

    7th Dorset Advantage Ewe Lamb

    Reserve Champion Dorset Ewe - "Adele" - Crouch 2201

    Champion Slick Dorset Ram - "8 mile" Schrock Livestock 

 Oxford Highlights

     1st place yearling Ewe 

     1st March Ewe Lamb

     Reserve Champion Oxford Ewe - "EmmyLou" Hall 240


   Delaney - 2nd 8 year olds

   Morgan - 3rd 13 year olds

   Taylor - 6th 15 years olds 

    Taylor & Morgan & "Jorgie" were 3rd in their Team Showmanship

    Delaney & Penelope & "baby Karen" 7th in their Team Divisions

Freedom Fest 2023

& North Central Regional Dorset Show

We have loved the growth and expansion of the Freedom Fest event. The Spoonster family has for years put on a top-notch show, and have made it a destination National family experience. We appreciate everyone's work on this event!

Highlights included the Bags tournament, friendly basketball pickup games, and playing cards around the barn. Our girls shift out of school mode hard when we head to Missouri!

Dorset Highlights: 

    1st, 2nd Early Fall Ewe Lambs 

    1st, 2nd Late Fall Ewe lambs

    2nd, 6th Yearling Ewes

    2nd Slick Winter Ewe

    Champion Dorset Ewe - "Edith" - Reynolds Stock Farm 3113

 Oxford Highlights

     1st place yearling Ewe 

     Champion Oxford Ewe - "EmmyLou" Hall 240

     Supreme EWE - EmmyLou

2022 Illinois State Fair
    Premier Exhibitor

This picture represents our best. "The kids, the smiles, the sheep"
The reason we continue to work on this project,

and the reason we have smiles.
Our family works day in and day out and the fact that we can share this together is special. 
Thank you for the kind words and shouts of congratulations!

Reserve Champion Ram Junior Show ISF 2022
"Off the Record" Klampe

Morgan and Taylor purchased this guy as the next piece in their growing flock. When he arrived from the west coast the girls were more than excited to show him off and keep him in the flock! "Off the Record" is looking to be the next piece and while he did not travel as much as the girls would have liked this summer, he was impressive when he did! Supreme Ram at our County Fair and Reserve Champion Ram in the Junior Show at an always Competitive Illinois State Fair are resume builders. 
He might get one more travel chance to NAILE, but the girls would like to start using him on the ewes at home too! Time will tell .....

View recent photos.JPEG

Illinois State Fair 2022

Reserve Champion AOB

Dorset Advantage Ewe 

Illinois State Fair may not have a division for Dorset Advantage Stock but our DA Lambs made a splash. These lambs represent a new division that we are beginning to tackle in the Dorset Breed. These lambs have one parent that is a full Registered Dorset. With the advantages of the  Dorset breed, we feel these lambs could be the next big thing. 

Look for more in the coming year. 

Freedom Fest 2022 - Champion Ewe
​Crouch "Adele" 2202

"Adele", is a show stopper! Like her name leads you to believe this girl can showcase the best of our breed. 
When she gets stuck for the young showman, her lines run in all the right directions. The genetic lines behind this one, makes her one that with confident will be added to our flock in the coming years. We thank all those that stopped to congratulate Morgan, and inquire about Adele. We will will have this girl out and about all summer long!

Show Update: 
This girl was a class winner at All American where she stacked up with the best in the country!
She had a great open show behind some of her pen mates and is poised to travel to NAILE in Nov 2022.

She won her class at NAILE and finished Reserve Senior Champion 

adele freedom fest.jpg
penelope AAJSS.jpg

AAJSS - 2022 Mass. East Coast 

East Coast was So good to us! The crew loaded up and headed East for a 12-hour road trip. Overall the Sheep and kids handled the trip well. Maybe not the Mom's and Dad's but So many memories!

Taylor and Morgan ended in the the top 5 of the Team Showmanship Round for their age group. 

Delaney and her friend Penelope ended up doing extremely well!

Individually Taylor ended up in the top 5 and finished 2nd with her group of friends! Its hard when you are all competitive. 

Then 2 class winners in the Early Fall and Late Fall Ewe lambs. 

All of our sheep finished in the top 5! Pretty good when the best in the country show up!!!

adele AAJSS.jpg

DMP Livestock 4-H show is a favorite. The girls spend time with friends, leaders, and their livestock. Each year we have general projects unique to each girl, but they all have livestock projects that they enjoy. 

Supreme Ewe, Reserve Ewe, and Grand overall Barrow & Reserve Grand Gilt are just some of their highlights. Along with State Qualifier general projects these girls are busy!

"Emmy Lou" WWSF 
Reserve Supreme Ewe DMP Fair
"LuLu" Taylor Made Genetics
Reserve Supreme Gilt DMP Fair
"Martini" Klampe
Supreme Ewe DMP Fair
"Dyno Taylor Made Genetics
Grand overall Barrow DMP Fair

Cruit Ram Lamb

Reserve Champion Dorset Ram

Youngberg 002 

     "In the Weeds" Ewe Lamb

Champion Dorset Ewe

Woodford County               Fair

Woodford County Fair is where it all began, so this show holds a little something special for the Crouch kids! In one of the most Competitive Dorset Shows in the state, they can hold their own. A Special Recognition in the County is the Woodford County Born and Bred. A Very cool addition to annual 4-H show. 


2022 NAILE - Louisville Ky.
    2 Reserve Senior Champions 

NAILE this year was a great experience for our girls. Even with everything else they are managing, they still made Showmanship a goal, and crushed it. Working lambs at all hours of the day, they learned alot about what they can do when they work together and with a purpose! 

Taylor - 3rd overal in 15 year olds - "Penelope" Top Dorset Showman

Morgan - 2nd overall in 13 year olds - "Jolene" Top Dorset Showman 

Delaney - Showed "Delilah" like a little boss girl!

Junior Show

"Off the Record" 3rd place Winter Ram Lamb

"HomeBoy" 1st place Spring Ram Lamb

***"Adele" - 1st place Early Fall Ewe Lamb & Reserve Senior Champion***

"Jolene" 3rd place Early Fall Ewe lamb

***"Emmy Lou" - 1st place Early Fall Ewe Lamb & Reserve Senior Champion***

"Delilah" 4th place Spring Ewe Lamb

& Great help from Great friends - Shout out to Tanner Beckmier, Mallory Corzart

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