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Great Grandpa Michael (Mick) & Patricia  Crouch   Elmwood Illinois 61529
   1957 - Started Shearing Full time - traveling across the US.
   1974 - Named World Champion Shearer in Denver Colorado.
   1975 -  Taught several Shearing workshops and classes all over the world.
   1977 - Competing at Shearing (State Fairs and Invitation Contests)
  2010 - His last year as the Shearing Supervisor at the Illinois State Fair. 
   2014- Is still shearing his own flock - which numbers over 75 head.  
    2014 - Grandpa Mick highlighted in the Weekly Post 

   2015 - Full Retirement from the barn - they enjoy grandkids, great-grandkids, Cardinals baseball, and Illinois Basketball
               Read his article
           Dennis & Joy Crouch Eureka Illinois 61530
                   Sheared Full Time Traveling across country
                  1990 - Ended Full Time Shearing
                  2000-2018  Announces the Sheep Shearing Contest at the Illinois State Fair.
                  Parts Manager at Martin John Deere Dealership in Roanoke Illinois
                  Currently - Shears and co-manages his own flock with the family

                       Jeremy & Cassie Crouch      Maroa Illinois 61756
                          Shearer, Fitter, and Flock Management
                           Farm Manager & Rural Farm Land Appraisal at Heartland Ag Group Ltd.
                           Actively increasing the structure, strength, and style of the Dorset flock.
                                  ***CDC North Central Regional Director 2021-
                                  Dewitt County "4-H Family of the Year" 2021

                                  Executive Secretary of the Illinois Dorset Association 2018-
                           Taylor, Morgan, & Delaney Crouch
                                     2011 Illinois State Fair Champion Dorset Ewe 
                                     2011 at the Illinois State Fair Won Costume Contest 2011 (With Echo the Serta Sheep)
                                    2012 Reserve Showmanship at the Dorset Junior Show - Arthur Il
                                    2012 First place Slick Sheared Yearling Ewe - Echo
                                    2012 Reserve overall Costume Contest @ Illinois State Fair (Cleaning Ladies Theme) with "Echo"
                                     2013 Champion Ewe at Macon County Fair "Sparkle"
                                    2013  Class winner @ All American Junior Show with Fall Ewe Pope 169 "Sparkle"
                                    2013 Champion Costume Contest @ Illinois State Fair (Trans Lamb Air) with "Sparkle"
                                     2013 National Futurity Winner Polled Dorset Ewe Lamb - Twin Oaks "Glitter"
                                     2013 National Futurity Reserve Polled Dorset Ewe Lamb - Pope 169 "Sparkle"
                                    2014 Midwest Junior Preview Show Champion Dorset Ewe Pope 169 "Sparkle"                       
                                    2014 1st & 3rd Place State of Illinois Costume Contest  - Mad Scientist & Dr. Mo
                                     2014 Pope 169 "Sparkle" National Yearling Futurity, 4th NAILE yearling class
                                    2015 Crouch 1403 "Limited Edition" Champion Ram Midwest Junior Preview Show
                                    2015 Quarter Mile 613 "Bonnie" Champion Ewe Great Lakes Regional Dorset Show
                                    2015 Lead Line Illinois State Fair Champion
                                    2015 "Amy" PRF ewe lamb named 2nd Futurity winner
                                    2015 Watermelon Crouch 1413 un-defeated 6 time winner State Fair, Louisville, 2 Regional Shows
                                    2016 "Diamond" McDaniels 15-22 Supreme Ewe at ISF Junior Show, Dewitt Co 4-H Show
                                    2016 "Jewels" Crome Class Winner, All American, 2 regional shows, ISF -OS, Champion LOL ISF
                                    2016 " Hayley" Crouch 1516 Class winner All American, 2 regional Shows, ISF JS, Reserve JS
                                    2016 Morgan and Jewels wins costume contest at ISF with "The Workout Girls"
                                    2016 National Futurity Winner - "Diamond" McDaniels 15-22 Yearling Ewe
                                    2016 Regional Futurity Winner & National 2nd place Ewe Lamb - "Jewels" Crome 2509
                                    2017 Illinois Spring Sale - Champion Ewe - "LuLu" - Crouch 1621
                                    2017 Midwest Junior Preview Show - Supreme Ewe - Crome 2509  "Jewels"
                                    2017 All American Junior Show - Class Winner - 'Connie' Ruwe 11, 'Jewels' Crome 2509, Slick Ewe                                                Fall Ewe Lamb Pearl Crouch 1701 
                                     2017 Supreme Ewe Dewitt Macon Piatt County 4-H Show "Hayley" Crouch 1612
                                    2017 Supreme Bred n Owned at Illinois State Fair Jr. Show with Crouch 1711 "Orbit"
                                    2017 Land of Lincoln Champion Open Show - Crome 2509 "Jewels"
                                     2017 Thistledown 597 "April" 4th Regional Futurity Winner 
                                     2017 Crome 2509 "Jewels" Yearling Ewe Futurity National Winner, 2nd place NAILE Fall Yearling
                                     2018 Ohio Dorset Sale - Ruwe 11 "Connie" Class winner (2 years running for Crouch Dorsets)
                                     2018 Illinois Spring Sale - Champion Ewe - Crouch 1716 "Jane" 
                                     2018 Illinois Spring Sale - Reserve Champion Ram - Ruwe 15 "Rio"
                                     2018 Great Lakes Regional Jr. Show - Champion "Pear;" Crouch 1801 & Reserve "April"
                                                Thistledown 597. 
                                     2018 DMP Supreme Female - Crouch 1801 "Pearl" 
                                     2018 All American Class winners: Slick Yearling Ewe, October Fall Ewe Lamb 
                                     2018 Supreme Ewe Illinois State Fair, Land of Lincoln Supreme Ewe - Crouch 1813 "Auppie"
                                     2018 *****Premier Breeder - Illinois State Fair Open Show******
                                    2018 "April" Thistledown 597 - 2nd Yearling Ewe Futurity
                                     2019 Supreme Ram - DMP 4H Show - Thistledown "Esquire"
                                     2019 ISF Jr Show Reserve Champion Land of Lincoln Nichols 1822 "Jersey"
                                     2019 ISF Open Dorset Show Champion & Land of Lincoln Champion Crouch 1813 "Auppie"
                                     2019 *****Premier Breeder - Illinois State Fair Open Show******
                                     2019 Champion Fitted, Overall Dorset Ram NAILE, Top 7 Junior Show Supreme TD 638 "Esquire"
                                     2020 Champion Dorset Queen of the Ring Virtual Show "Caroline" Crome 2509
                                     2020 Champion DMP Champion Ewe - "Caroline" Crome 2509
                                     2020 Champion Dorset Ewe and Top 5 Freedom Fest "Caroline" Crome 2509
                                     2020 Reserve Dorset Ewe Illinois Junior Expo  "Paisley" Crouch 2001 
                                     2020 Reserve Slick Ewe - NAILE "Paisley" Crouch 2001
                                     2020 NAILE 2nd Showmanship Top Dorset - Morgan - "Secret" Klampe 003
                                     2020 NAILE 3rd Showmanship Top Dorset - Taylor - "Everly" Crouch 2017 
                                     2021 MHW Farms on Champion Dorset Ram at the Iowa State Fair with Crouch 2102.
                                     2021 North Central Regional Junior Show - Champion Ewe - Crouch 2022 " Monica"
                                     2021 North Central Regional Junior Show - Reserve Ewe - Klampe 003 "Secret"
                                     2021 Dewitt County 4-H Show Supreme Ewe - Crouch 2022 "Monica"
                                     2021 Schakel Family had Champion Dorset Ram at the Indiana State Fair with Crouch 2032 "Jack"
                                     2021 Illinois State Fair Intermediate Showman - Morgan & "Secret"
                                     2021 *****Premier Breeder - Illinois State Fair Open Show*****
                                     2021 NAILE Open Show Reserve Fitted Ewe - Senior Champion Klample 003 "Secret"

                                     2022 - Morgan starts her own Oxford Flock with a purchase from Winning Ways Sheep Farm - some

                                                   of the best support by Darryl, Melanie, and Darwin Hall
                                     2022 Freedom Fest Champion Dorset Ewe - Crouch "Adele"
                                     2022 Freedom Fest Reserve Champion Oxford "EmmyLou" WWSF
                                     2022 All American Taylor and Penelope- Reserve Age Division Showman
                                                Class Winner "Adele" (Morgan) and "Penelope" (Taylor)
                                                Top 4 Team Showmanship with Taylor and Morgan and "Jolene"
                                     2022 ISF Age Division Champion - Morgan and "Jolene"
                                               ***Reserve Overall Master Showman - Taylor Crouch*** ISF
                                               *****Premier Breeder - Illinois State Fair Open Show*******
                                     2022 Supreme Ewe At DMP County 4-H - Klampe "Martini"
                                     2022 Reserve Supreme at DMP County 4-H - WWSF "EmmyLou"

                                     2022 Top Dorset Showman in their Age Divisions 

                                                           Taylor & "Penelope" Age 14 (3rd overall), Morgan & "Jolene" Age 12 (2nd overall)

                                     2022 "Adele" Class winning Early Fall Ewe Lamb - Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show NAILE

                                     2022 " EmmaLou" Class Winning Early Fall Ewe Lamb, Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show

                                     2022 "HomeBoy" Class winner Junior Show & Open Show NAILE

                                     2022 Bred & Owned National Finishes 3rd "Adele" 4th  "Penelope"  *** First ever in Breed History
                                     2023 Supreme Ewe - Freedom Fest - "EmmyLou" Hall 240 - Champion Oxford

                                              Champion Dorset Ewe - "Edith" Reynolds Stock Farm 3113

                                     2023 "Adele" Reserve Dorset Ewe - All-American Junior Show 

                                             "EmmyLou" Reserve Oxford Ewe - All American Sheep Show

                                      2023 "Edith" Supreme Breeding Sheep, Reynolds Stock Farm  DMP 4-H Show

                                              "EmmyLou" Reserve Breeding Ewe Hall 240 DMP 4-H 

                                               "Sangria" Supreme Market Ewe - Obsession Show Stock 3113 DMP 4-H Show

                                      2023 *****Premier Breeder - Illinois State Fair Open Show ****

                                       2023 "Edith" Class winner at NAILE Junior Show, Delaney & Agnes Win their Showmanship

                                       2023 Bred & Owned NATIONAL Winners - 1st - Morgan, 2nd -Delaney, 4th Taylor  
                Cody & Katy Crouch                Eureka Illinois 61730
                           Mechanic at Martin John Deere Equipment - Goodfield Illinois
                           Showed Sheep through 4-H and FFA programs
                                       Bayla, Shyla & Charley Crouch
                                       2011 Started showing at the Illinois State Fair Costume Contest :"Ewe should be a Princess"
                                       2012 Illinois State Fair Costume Contest "Bayla's Fitting Business"
                                       2013 All American 5th place Winter Ewe Lamb - "Bubbles" & 5th place NAILE Winter Ewe lamb
                                       2013  Illinois State Fair Costume Contest (Cleaning Ladies - selling Felt Dryer Balls) w/ "Bubbles"
                                        2014 "Jasmine"Twin Oaks places 4th Lamb Futurity and 10th out of 18 in her NAILE class
                                       2015 "Lindy" Crouch   Reserve Champion Ewe Midwest Junior Preview Show, 3rd Louisville slick
                                       2016 Crouch Flock - named Dorset Champion Flock Woodford Co Fair
                                        2016 "Nikki" Crouch  class winner at  Great Lakes Regional Show, 3rd at ISF & OSF open shows
                                       2016 Bayla 1st place for her Lead Line at ISF
                                       2016 3rd Place Leadline NAILE 
                                        2017 Supreme Ewe - Woodford County 4-H Show - Lobdell 1714 "Mal"
                                       2017 Supreme Ewe - Fairbury Fair Open Show
                                        2017 2nd Place National Futurity Lobdell 1714 "Mal"
                                       2018 1st Place National Futurity Yearling Ewe - Lobdell 1714 "Mal"
                                       2018 3rd Place Regional Ewe Lamb "Candy"
                                        2019 Supreme Ewe Fairbury Fair  Crouch 1826  "Rosie"
                                        2022 Freedom Fest Reserve Champion Dorset Ewe  Crouch "Tuli"

                                        2022 Youngberg 2 - Grand Champion Dorset Ewe - Woodford County 4H Fair

                                        2022 Slick Ram - Reserve Champion Ram - Cruit Ram - Woodford County 4-H Fair

                                        2023 All American Junior Show - Champion Slick Ram 8-Mile - Schrock 

                                        2023 Supreme Sheep and Ewe - Woodford County 4-H Show - Bayla "Beth" Gehlbach Sheep Farm

                                        2023 Superior Livestock Producer Contest and Scholarship Winner - Bayla

                                        2023 2nd place Late Fall Ewe Lamb - NAILE "Beth" Gehlbach
                      Jessica (Crouch) & Brent Martin        Eureka Illinois 61730 
                           Farming in Woodford County
                           Showed Sheep through the 4-H and FFA programs.
                                       Walker, Vada, Winston, Willow, Violet Martin
                                 2012 Started Dorset flock with 2 ewe lambs
                                 2016 Showed All American & Woodford County Fairs with both Southdowns and Dorsets

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