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Stud Ram Lineup

It is important to start a Flock off with good genetics. Rams are the single best way to improve genetics for your flock. Spend time looking for Rams that will work with your flock goals providing growth, muscle, and style in a very competitive Dorset Breed.

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Loenser 3030   "In the Weeds" 
            2017 Louisville Jr. Show Supreme Champion

We felt In The Weeds was one of the special rams in the Dorset breed when he won Supreme at NAILE. Purchasing him from the Crome family in 2018, we are excited about the lambs we will be creating with this one. This Louisville Champion will bred to some of the most exciting females in the breed, and we look forward to the offspring we will sell and show out of him in the coming years.  

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Pine Ridge 15022

When we bought out the flock, we realized quickly that the most under-rated ram might just be "In the Weeds" Sire. We jumped at the chance to purchase him, and think that some of slick ewes might pair very nicely with this guy! At Crouch Dorsets, we enjoy breeding for both the fitted and slick divisions in the Dorset Industry and think this Primo son will fit in very nicely!


The Long awaited "Pearl" x "In the Weeds" mating. 
"Back 40" Crouch 2126 

"Back 40" was a Winter lamb that contrary to his name was not one we easily forgot. This guy gets up and goes on a great set of feet and legs. His growth for his age is something that we could not miss and one of his main reasons for remaining in the show string. His mass and breed character are pieces that both his parents stamped out. We look forward to sending him to the breeding barn and creating matches that will excite even the youngest of our sheppards. 

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Crouch 2221 "HomeBoy"           
       NAILE Class Winner 2X Open and Junior Show

"HomeBoy" is one of those spring lambs we saved and didn't quite know what to do with them.  This dude is JACKED UP! Jeremy showed him like this dude had never been beaten. This guy has so much front-end extension, we think this is a cool piece that will make our next lambing season fun to watch! He travels the ring like a cat with his fluid movement and length of body. We finally made the decision to keep this guy and he finds place in the breeding barn. He will see ewes for the 2023 season. 

Cruit Dorset Buck

These Bucks are the newest division of Crouch Dorsets. These click bucks offer pounds of growth, an explosive appearance, and the structural integrity that we always look for. The pieces are here to breed some of the best. The lambs will be highlighted this spring and summer in the sale lists and show flock. Call with questions on these dudes. 

Purple Haven Buck

Impacting Other Flocks 
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Thistledown Dorsets - TD 638  "Esquire"
      NAILE Champion Polled Dorset Ram - Junior Show

Esquire keeps getting better with age. This partnership buck with Nichols Sheep Farm has many great breeding potentials that we are excited about. With his breeding drive, we expect his first lambs on the ground in early 2020. This guy has the agility and mass under him to carry him all over the pasture and show ring.  We know his look is unique, and we are excited get him out when he hits the green shavings in November 2019 with Taylor on the black chain halter.  

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"Rio" Ruwe 15
        Champion Ram Illinois Show and Sale

Being shown as a slick was ok, but we let him grow a whole year, and his elevation, bone, and breed type was too interesting even for us not to notice. We bred him on the farm to a Poynter ewe, and got a mixed pair  that is very exciting. He was sold on the 2018 IL Spring Dorset Sale to the Tyler Lobdell Family and the Colonel's Flock, and we think that his future in that flock is GREAT. 

Retired to Greener Pastures
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Crouch 1717 "ReLoad"
       Champion Land of Lincoln ISF

Land of Lincoln Dorset Ram is not a bad way to start out your show/breeding career on your first show appearance. This 1st place Land of Lincoln Spring Ram lamb, was an obvious place to land when you get his side profile length and check out his evaluation. Combine that with his great leg structure and you have the pieces to replace his sire "Fully Loaded". This boy will make it to NAILE and then back to breed for Fall lambs in 2018. He keeps getting better!


Schakel Family had Champion Dorset Ram 
​ Indiana State Fair with Crouch 2032 - "Jack"

"Jack" Was a Hazel lamb we just could not let go. Schakel's picked him up and we formed a partnership with him that all the girls approved.  Jack has bones, shag, mass, and Dorset Characteristics that we Loved and could not part with. Look for a Full Sister in the Sale orders for 2022,  and look for a full sib coming soon! 
"Hazel" Crome x "Linear Force" PRF  
A Big thank you to Schakels for reaching out and taking "Jack" to the next level~! 
​This guy has looked good from day one and so have his lambs in Indiana!  

limited edition.jpg

"Limited Edition"  Crouch 1403

Highfield 665 X Mithoefer (Best Bet Daughter)

This ram is the best we have raised since 906.  He has the bone, mass, and extension that we are trying to breed in our sheep.  He was 2nd spring ram lamb at NAILE Jr. Show.  His first lambs are due February 1 out of Sparkle and Glitter.


"Denali"  Twin Oaks 1408

Denali was purchased at the 2015 Ohio Dorset Sale where he was the Reserve Champion Ram.  He was also Reserve Champion at the 2015 Illinois State Fair.  We have fall lambs out of him and they are every bit as good as we had hoped!

Fully loaded.jpg

"Fully Loaded"  Pope Dorsets 176

PD 94 X "Miss Jessie" PRF 1070

We love the mass, bone, and breed character this buck brings.  He had quite the show record as a lamb and has the pedigree to back it up.  You can see why we are excited for his first lambs Fall 2014.


"Compass" Purple Ribbon Farms 13-77

Everyone needs a "Compass" to keep them headed in the right direction.  Thanks to Dick Reece and Family for letting us purchase this ram lamb off the farm this spring.  So far he has placed 3rd at the All American Junior Show and Reserve Champion Ram at the North Central Regional Junior Show.  We expect lambs out of him this fall!


Highfield 665

We call this ram "High Tail" and you can see why.  This ram is owned in partnership with Quarter Mile Farms and Francis Bros.  He has added bone and great hip to our flock.  We are very excited about his lambs!


Spilde 7830

We purchased this Ram at the Illinois Dorset Sale. He sired many of our foundation ewes currently in our flock. He also sired the Champion Ram at the 2010 Illinois Dorset Sale.

poynter K1.jpg

Poynter K1

Poynter K1 provided the elevation and length to improve our flock.

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